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Voluntary Staff Tanzania

Voluntary Staff

Bahati Dede

Bahati Dede is our Hope School Manager. Bahati has worked with Southern Africa's Children since 2002 to ensure efficient and correct use of funds received and the best education and care for children at Hope School.

Bahati is married with three children and lives in Shinyanga at Hope School. Bahati is qualified in Community Development and her professional history is as follows:


Alex Magaga

Alex Magaga is our Volunteer Coordinator for the Ukerewe Umoja Community Centre Project. Alex became an orphan at four years of age. He was moved from family to family but through determination achieved a full education and is today a professional teacher.

"As a professional teacher today, I have used most of my time volunteering in schools with orphans and children with disabilities. My experience of supporting communities in difficulties has affected me and inspired further my passion and dedication to making a difference by giving a second chance to lives of communities in difficulties here in Tanzania".

Today Alex co-ordinates our project on Ukerewe island. He was born and grew up on the island. This has given him a true understanding of local socio economic and cultural issues.

"My experience growing on the island has today given me the responsibility to volunteer for the Ukerewe Albino Project to help fight the deeply ingrained stigma, empower albinos economically and help with the integration process".

Albino 1

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