UK Staff of South Africa's Children

UK Staff of Southern Africa's Children

Voluntary Staff UK

Jennifer Walker is the voluntary Chief Executive for Southern Africa’s Children and is based in the UK. Jennifer has spent many years working in development with communities in Africa especially. Jennifer also has a successful track record of fundraising for specific projects and managing donor relationships.
Jennifer is responsible for managing our development programme including our relationship with our partners and beneficiaries – this requires travel to our projects.  Jennifer is also responsible for the administration of Southern Africa’s Children and our accountability to donors, partners and beneficiaries.
Jennifer is an enthusiastic and reliable individual committed to the mission of Southern Africa’s Children.


As a voluntary organisation Southern Africa's Children relies on the time given and support of people who are willing to help with administration and fundraising in the UK.

Linda Hodsdon is just one of a team who help to make Southern Africa's Children worthwhile:

"Hello there, my name is Linda and my husband, Malcolm, and I have been supporting Southern Africa's Children in a small way since Jenny had her first Fund Raising event in Chicheley. Seeing the conditions the orphans were living in and the state of the school, we were happy to help out when we could.

In September 2009 I had the privilege of visiting Tanzania with Jenny to see for myself the great progress made with the funds Jenny has raised during past 5 years or so. The buildings where they now live and the school buildings too are great. It was very emotional for me to see the beds, blankets and cupboards amongst other things that had been purchased with my 60th birthday money and Malcolm's 55th birthday money too. I had a barn dance and Malcolm had a barbecue and we requested money in lieu of presents. Our friends were very generous.

The children are so beautiful and very appreciative of all they have which, compared to children over here, is very little.

If you are able to support SAC in any way I can assure you the money will be wisely spent and much appreciated."

Linda Hodsdon, SAC Volunteer

Trustees UK

Mr Richard James Walker MEng CEng CEnv MICE MAPM is Chairman of Southern Africa's Children. Richard has experience of working overseas most recently spending two years in Lagos, Nigeria. Richard's expertise is in Project Management and provides this help in Southern Africa's Children capital project budgeting and management.

Mr David Robertson Trustee Jenny waiting on info

Mrs Felicity Robertson Trustee Jenny waiting on info

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