Project Running Costs In Africa

Project Running Costs

Southern Africa's Children relies on the generosity of people around the world to help orphaned and vulnerable children and their families. We are a small charity and we appreciate donations of any amount you feel you are able to give.

When possible we encourage sustainability and the majority of time our Hope School project is self sufficient. Hope School raises income from fee paying students and is supported in caring for orphaned children by local community elders, local community groups and churches in the Shinyanga area. Occassionally it is necessary for Southern Africa’s Children to support Hope in caring for orphaned children with the funds for items such as medicine, shoes, clothes and food.

Example costs:

£1.20 pays for a mosquito net

£1 pays for 4 pairs of socks

£1.70 pays to feed a child in our care per day

£4.50 pays for 2 treated mosquito nets

£9.50 pays for a 3 piece school uniform

£11 pays for 2 pairs of school leather shoes

£12.00 pays for a new school desk

£14 pays for 30 school exercise books

£30 pays for 10 footballs or 6 netballs

£50 pays for the full time care of one orphan per month

£100 pays for 10 community household packages

£250 pays for 20 school desks


Construction projects

Southern Africa’s Children is project led. We are currently seeking funds for the following:

If you would like a detailed project proposal for any of the above projects please do contact us .

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