How To Help Southern Africas Children

How To Help Southern Africa's Children

There are numerous ways to help our work and no amount is too little.  Today we have successful partnerships with community groups, schools, companies and we recieve individual donations in money and time.
The following list provides an idea of the ways you can help:

If you are interested in supporting our work in any of the above ways please do contact Jennifer on 01933 664091. 
We very much appreciate all the support we receive helping to transform the lives of vulnerable children - thank you.

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Southern Africa's Children is a voluntary charity and 100% of your donation will go directly to the project you wish to support helping to make a positive difference to the lives of vulnerable children in need.

Southern Africa's Children is a small UK based charity and has no paid staff. All our staff and Trustees work voluntarily. Our projects are efficient and successful because we work closely with our colleagues in Tanzania who are local and manage the projects on the ground. Because our project managers in Tanzania are based at the projects they speak the local language, build up long term partnerships and relationships with surrounding communities and elders, and understand fully the local needs, economy, politics and cultures. All projects to date have been delivered on time and within or to budget. This success to date is due to the hard work and dedication of our colleagues in Tanzania.

If you are someone who would like to make a donation to help orphaned and vulnerable children and you would like to know more about where your money has gone and have a personal relationship with the charity then please do make a donation to Southern Africa's Children.

We accept CAF and Stewardship donations.


If you are a company researching a charity to support or perhaps begin a charity partnership then please do email Jennifer here.
We have significant support from companies and have experience in corporate partnerships.  We provide presentations in person, marketing material and importantly regular updates on project progress for you to share with staff and clients.
Southern Africa’s Children offers your company / staff the opportunity of a transparent accountable partnership with tangible results.

How to help

We would be thrilled for people to get more involved in our work by helping to spread awareness and secure financial support:

TIME: Can you volunteer with us and help to raise money from groups, schools and clubs in your area?

SPREAD THE WORD: Please tell your friends, family and colleagues about Southern Africa's Children. For example, you may be able to speak to the charity committee / officer where you work to see if there are any opportunities applicable to Southern Africa's Children. Or you may belong to a church or community group / club where other members may be interested in finding out more and supporting.

If you have a website or social networking page please put our website link up or email your contacts list our website address.

Often simply talking to people about Southern Africa's Children opens up doors to new opportunities.

We appreciate every single donation THANK YOU.

If you would like more information regarding our management of funds then please do contact us to discuss further on 01933 664091 or via email:

If you are interested in supporting any of these projects then please do contact Jennifer Walker on 01933 664091 or via email. Alternatively click on our "How to Help" page.

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