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Southern Africa's Children is a charity working with vulnerable and disadvantaged children in Africa.

Southern Africa’s Children has been working in Tanzania since 2002. We are a very small charity that YOU can really feel a part of and get involved with...

Our key projects in Southern Africa are the "Ukerewe Albino Society" which supports a community of Albino's on the african Island of Ukerewe. Our second project is to provide an education for AIDS orphans in Tanzania at our "Hope School" project.

Albinos In Africa

African albinos are stigmatised in society. Their albino skin means they are often referred to as "Zeru Zeru", which means white person. Myths and supernatural beliefs about albinos means that African albinos are often targeted in their communities. In Tanzania alone, there have been 57 albino murders recorded since 2009. The majority of these albino murders have taken place in the Mwanza region of Tanzania, where our project is located. They are murdered for their albino body parts. Witchdoctors use these albino body parts in rituals to produce medicines which people locally believe will bring them luck. The region is poor and the main industries are fishing and mining. It is believed that albino medicine will help miners to find gold or increase the catches for fishermen.

Today we are working with albino children and their families on Ukerewe Island in Tanzania, Africa. In partnership with the Ukerewe Albino Society, we provide the funds for materials such as sun creams, protective clothing, sun hats, medical checks, medicines and small start up business loans. Most recently we have provided the funds for the Albino Society to purchase land and a community centre. The Society from this base are able to offer albinos and their families, support, advice and information on the condition. Our aim is to support the Ukerewe Albino Society with their mission to promote the integration of albino people in their society.

For more information on our Ukerewe Albino Society community centre project please see our NEWS BLOG here.

To contact Jennifer please fill in the form on our contact us page or call on: +44 01933 664091

Hope School 2009

"I'm very happy that now I'm staying in this new dormitory, it is so well ventilated compared to the small room we were living"

Anastazia - Hope School

Project Albino Hope School Project
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